After The Tears Have Stopped Falling
After The Heartaches Subside...
My Mind Is Asking The Question...
Why Many Good Horses Have Died?

Is It The Breeding Or Training?
Is It The Fault Of The Track?
Is It The Greed And The Money?
Or Only The Conscience We Lack?

Why Are The Legs Oh So Fragile
That Two And Three Year Olds Die?
Why Can't The Doctors Repair Them?
And, Worse Yet, Why Don't They Try?

Is Insurance Money The Answer?
And To Save Them Not Worth The Price?
Is Saving Our Beautiful Horses
Worth Less Than The Toss Of The Dice?

Some Say It's Part Of The Game Now
It's Simply The Price We Must Pay!
My Heart Tells Me
Something Quite Different
It Says That We Must Find A Way.....

A Way To Develop More Soundness
A Way To Have Youngsters Grow Old!
A Way To Secure A Safe Future
For All Of The Dreams That We Hold.

So, After The Tears Have Stopped Falling
And, After The Heartaches Subside
Let's All Seek To Find Honest Answers
Of Why Those We Loved
Now Have Died.



We Watch Them Race And Sometimes Win
We Think We'll See Them Run Again
They Haven't Broke Down
As Far As We Know
So, Where Do They Run
After Win, Place, And Show?

Are They Running In Pastures
Rich, Lush, And Green?
Are They Hiding In Trees
Their Beauty Unseen?
Are They In A Back Yard
As Some Child's Friend?
Are They Helping The Handicapped
Learning To Mend?

They're Often Not Old
They're Often Not Ill
But, They Just Didn't Win
Enough For A Thrill!
So Where Have They Gone
When We See Them No More?
Are They Out Running Free......
Or At Heaven's Door?



Is There Life After The Belmont
When You've Lost The Triple Crown?
Can You Even Think Of Racing
As Your Spirits Hit The Ground?

Can You Pick Up All The Pieces
Of The Shattered Dream You Had?
Can You Build Another Daydream
When The Good One Has Turned Bad?

For, The Belmont Day
Has Come And Gone
The Triple Crown Gone Too
The Hopes And Dreams
Have Flown Away
So, All That's Left To Do......

Is, Sit And Wait
And Dare To Dream
That In The Years To Come
A Sunday Morning Headline Says:
'' The Triple Crown Was Won!''

But, Each Of Us
Who Love This Horse
Went Home In Deep Despair
For, In The Minds
And In The Hearts
Of Those Who Truly Care....

A Dream Had Lived
And Died That Day
No One Could Speak A Word....
And When The New Dawn Beckoned
Sunday Silence Could Be Heard.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Sunday Silence Went On To Be
He then was bought by the Japanese
as their TOP SIRE until his death



Through The Tears I Tell This Story
Of A Horse's Quest For Glory
Of Her Rise To Fame
In Only Three Brief Years
Now, In Shock And Disbelief
My Joy Has Turned To Grief
And The Thoughts Of Fame
Are Drowning In My Tears.

Though The Years But Number Three
All The Joy She's Given Me
Were Moments That Were
Glorious And Grand!
Now I'm Fighting Back The Tears
As I Think Of All The Years
That Will Never Be The Way
That We Had Planned.

Now My Heart Is Asking Why
Should It Be Her Turn To Die?
When Her Future Looked So Bright
For All To See!
Till The End She Gave Her All
As She Tried Hard Not To Fall
And All My Tears
Can't Change What Was To Be!

Go For Wand, I'll Miss You So
As The Years All Come And Go
Your Memory Shall Live
Within My Heart...
And My Mind Will Not Forget
All The Joy Since First We Met
Till The Moment
That We Finally Had To Part.



After The 'Belles' Have Stopped Ringing
After The Tears That I've Cried
My Mind Will Continue To Question
Why This Beautiful Filly Has Died ~

On A Day Filled With Joy & Excitement
On A Day With A Dream Of A Crown
The Dream Turned Into A Nightmare
When That Gorgeous Filly Went Down

After The 'Belles' Have Stopped Ringing
After Reality Then Sets In
How Do I Stop Tears From Falling
Where Do I Even Begin?

Questions Remaining Unanswered
For A Filly Who Gave It Her All
Who Brilliantly Ran To Be 2nd
Only To Stumble And Fall

After The 'Belles' Have Stopped Ringing
She'll Run In The Pastures Above
She'll Always Remain In Our Memory
As Beauty ~ And Courage ~ And Love

So Silently Now 'Belles' Are Ringing
Is It Only My Ears That Do Hear
The Tolling of '8 Belles' So Solemn
Reminding me ~ That She's Not Here

Go Run With Ruffian!

(C) RUFFIAN aka Lady Cat
May 3, 2008


His Candle Burned So Brightly
The Flame Was Soaring High
In Many Of His Races
We Thought This Horse Could Fly!

The Thrills He Gave Were Many
His Wins Had Come So Fast
There Never Was A Moment
When We Thought It Wouldn't Last!

The Triple Crown In Canada
And Then, Horse Of The Year!
The Future Shone So Brightly
For This Horse We Held So Dear.

And When His Farewell Race Day Came
He'd Win, There Was No Doubt
But, Heaven Had Made Other Plans
The Candle Had Burned Out

So, Now, We Face The Future
Without This Gorgeous Gray
But, Heaven's Light Shone Brighter
On The Day He Came To Stay.



A Tribute To: Dubai Millennium

He came....He ran....He Conquered...
What a wondrous sight to see.....
And, in every race he ran ,
He was all a horse should be....!
The thrills he gave were many
His Beauty so profound.....
As millions watched in awe - - -
This horse never let us down!

But then as fate would dictate - - -
His health took a final turn ,
At first it seemed like colic.....
Then a lesson we did learn !
We heard about grass sickness
That survival is quite rare.....
For those who truly loved this horse
Our hearts were filled with prayer---

But the odds were stacked against him... As he struggled thru the
So brave and bold he clung to life...
And would not give up the fight....
Whoever said that life is fair?
We all know it is not !
Grim Reaper picks and chooses ....
And, the 'Best' are oft forgot....

So as the tears are falling .....
And the memories burn bright....
A new star shines in glory
In Horse Heaven on this night.
   *     *     *      *      *       *    
  RIP: Dubai Millennium

'Gone....But Never Forgotten'


Ya Win Some....Ya Lose Some
Or So I've Been Told!
But, The Second Place Trophy
Is All That I hold!
I Try Oh So Hard
And I Run Oh So Fast
Yet, Right At The Wire
Another Goes Past!
I Give It My All
I Know That I'm Good
I Do Everything That
A Race Winner Should!
So If Only One Wish
I May Have When I Race....
Oh Please...Only Once....
Let Me Be In First Place!

* * * * * * * * *


Twas The Night Before Christmas
The Barn Was A-Buzzzzz
With Whinnies And Nickers
'Cause That's What Horse Does!

The Legend Was Echoed
Through All Of The Walls
Excitement Was Mounting
In All Of The Stalls!

The Weanlings, In Wonder
Had Heard Of The Tale
As They All Gathered Round
To Munch On A Bale!

The Fillies, The Geldings,
The Stallions And Mares
Then Told Of The Legend
Amidst Wide Eyed Stares.

When All Of A Sudden
They Heard On The Roof
The Flutter Of Wings
The Landing Of Hoof!

His Wings How They Glistened
His Whinny So Proud
As He Entered The Barn
Astounding The Crowd.....

Who Stood There Awaiting
The Pegasus Dear
The Truth Of The Legend
Was Blatantly Clear!

The Rider Descended
From Pegasus' Back
His Hat And His Boots
Were Glistening Black

His Spurs How They Jingled
With A Wonderful Song
That Would Echo In Memories
For All The Year Long!

He Gave Out The Gifts
Of Carrots And Treats
Then Sprang To His Saddle
For A Hasty Retreat....

For The Hour Was Late
And He Just Had To Leave
But Now, All The Weanlings
Would Finally Believe!

And As Pegasus Flew Then
Away In The Night
The Horses Enchanted
By The Wondrous Sight

Had Hearts Filled With Joy
And The Barn Filled With Love
And Mares Will Tell Foals
Of Pegasus From Above!


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